This Is Elizabeth James

We love a good update and that’s what this blog is going to be about – updates on our shop, new items and so much more!

Gnomes and More Gnomes

We love a good gnome, whether it’s for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving or just to be adorable – it’s sooooo cute to rock a gnome and show off how adorable they are! We’ve got a few designs in our shop that are SO cute and SO ready to come home with you and be worn duringContinue reading “Gnomes and More Gnomes”

Holidays Are Here

Welcome to the holidays – Halloween and Christmas are the TWO I love most so they are the two you’ll see most in the shop!We also have some new Fall designs you’ll love and want to wear ASAP!I’m loving designing things for the holidays – it’s the best time of the year! Let’s see what’sContinue reading “Holidays Are Here”

New Items In Shop!

Hey guys – welcome back to This Is Elizabeth James LLC and welcome to our NEW items in our shop!We are so excited to start making adorable Fall items, Halloween items and to KEEP making awesome things you guys love to see!We have adult and kids designs, different colors for each design and different stylesContinue reading “New Items In Shop!”


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