This Is Elizabeth James

We love a good update and that’s what this blog is going to be about – updates on our shop, new items and so much more!

Starting my Journey

Ahhh fitness – we’ve got a love hate relationship!So I thought that we should join up and do this together via the internet.Right – the only way to do it. Today I started my journey – I am filming my week at a time for you to see what I do, what I eat andContinue reading “Starting my Journey”

BarkBox November 2021

Ahhh BarkBox day is the best day of the year – and Benny and Cash love it!I love that they know this box is theirs when they see me bring it in the house and they get EXCITED About the awesome toys we get in the box! This months is a Thanksgiving theme and itContinue reading “BarkBox November 2021”

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is here and it’s my favorite time of year – so of COURSE I had to dress up myself and the dogs.Ahhhh I love it so much. I got my costumes at Spirit Halloween and TECHNICALLY the Freddy costume is my husbands but he wasn’t wearing it so I did.It’s cute! Ahhhh I loveContinue reading “Happy Halloween!”


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